Tim Ford


You’re looking for an experienced, dependable writer whom you can trust to interact seamlessly with you, your employees and your customers. Someone you can depend upon to handle projects from start to finish with minimal supervision. Someone whose professional demeanor complements a genuinely friendly, optimistic world view. In other words, an excellent writer who understands your corporate culture, fits in, produces…and makes you glad he’s working on your behalf.

You’re looking for someone who can arrange and conduct an interview with senior people at your most important client company and know that he will handle himself as flawlessly and professionally as you yourself would. Someone whose attention to detail is flawless, who understands the concept of due diligence and who is absolutely prepared for every interview, phone call and client interaction.

You’re looking for someone who has vast experience working with creative directors, graphic designers, product managers… and understands the unique needs and perspectives of each. Someone who can capture the story in the format you require, be it the printed word, or via digital audio, video, or still photography.

Someone as comfortable producing an in-depth profile piece as he is pounding out a timely press release.

I’m looking for clients with whom I can earn long term business relationships. Clients who will allow me the opportunity to earn their trust and become part of the team. And, if I perform as promised, will eventually be heard to say, “Get Tim in here and let’s get this project started.”

I sincerely promise you that I will bring the highest levels of professionalism to every project we undertake together.

Thanks for checking out my site, and I hope to hear from you soon!


Tim Ford

Tim Ford is a freelance writer in Johns Creek, GA. Reach him at 770-722-6349 or timfordwriter@gmail.com.



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